5 Cities Where You Can Buy Real Estate With Cryptocurrency

With new technology comes new trends, and the latest craze to hit the real estate market is utilizing digital assets in the form of cryptocurrency. If you’ve found yourself the happy owner of alt-coins and you’re wondering if you can use them to purchase your next home, you’re in luck. Since using an alternate form of currency opens the market for more potential investors worldwide, there are already a number of markets using cryptocurrency to buy and sell real estate; we’ve outlined five of them for you below.  Continue reading 5 Cities Where You Can Buy Real Estate With Cryptocurrency

3 Cryptos to Invest Into in 2018

There was a lot of skepticism by economists on the potential of cryptocurrencies. Most of them would not have advised an individual to invest in them. However, most cryptocurrencies are performing well, and it is the reason why many people are considering to invest there.  Continue reading 3 Cryptos to Invest Into in 2018

What is Blockchain?

One of the greatest strengths of digital data is its nature. Bits and bytes can be copied practically effortlessly. In fact, the “copy and paste” function from the PC became one of the most requested new features in mobile devices, since users had become so accustomed to being able to take text or other data from one place and copy it elsewhere.

What is now of increasing interest to both developers and businesses is the advent of digital data that can’t be copied or altered. This is the key innovation that forms the foundation for the blockchain technology.

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The blockchain is an encrypted and list of information constructed in a standardized format. It is resilient because encryption is what connects each piece of information to the other and because the list itself is distributed in a peer-to-peer fashion.

Anyone in the financial services or legal profession will tell you the concept of an unalterable series of data records that can’t be tampered with has a multitude of uses in a huge number of industries. In fact, there is a high likelihood some uses of blockchain technology haven’t even been conceived of yet.

Lists of Numbers

Blockchain technology is most famously being used to support the digital currency called “Bitcoin.” The reason the technology is so well suited for this purpose is because a series of data records is the native format for a financial ledger.

Further, because of the nature of the peer-to-peer distrubtion mechanism, a blockchain-enabled ledger is fully transparent. Any “node” on the network of computers that has access to the blockchain can see and perform calculations on any of the transactions and verify their authenticity.


Unalterable and uncopyable data can be utilized to a significant degree outside of the financial services industry. For example, an attorney would be able to use blockchain technology to authenticate contracts. A court of law could use the technology to verify chain of custody for trial evidence, and to permanently lock a trial transcript so it can only be changed by an authorized party.

Because the list of transactions are all connected by the same encryption mechanism, changing one entry would require an attacker to unravel the entire chain and reconstruct it record by record. If the encryption is sufficiently strong, such a task would likely be impossible.

One of the most important priorities for technologies like blockchain is to educate users and developers as to its nature and features. This will provide all the stakeholders with a clear idea of how the new technology can be incorporated into their products, business models and community.

Here’s Why BitCoins Founder Remain Anonymous

Bitcoin, the controversial nine-year-old crypto-currency, is now worth over $100 billion. Its anonymous founder with the alias of Satoshi Nakamoto remains unidentified. One interesting theory is that Nakamoto abandoned the open-source currency to avoid legal cases in the United States. Another speculation says the mysterious creator of Bitcoin prefers anonymity because he uses the digital platform for his financial gain. Continue reading Here’s Why BitCoins Founder Remain Anonymous

Bitcoin: UK and EU plan crackdown amid crime and tax evasion fears

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency anonymity may be coming to an end for many Europeans after actions by EU and UK politicians who want to regulate cryptocurrency exchanges under anti-money laundering and anti-terrorism finance initiatives. The crackdown is motivated by concerns that cryptocurrencies may soon become a financial tool for tax evasion and criminal enterprises. Continue reading Bitcoin: UK and EU plan crackdown amid crime and tax evasion fears

Ethereum Security Concerns

Investments in cryptocurrency have skyrocketed over the past few months. Ethereum is the second largest digital currency by market capitalization second to Bitcoin. Since the creation of digital currency, and the underlying blockchain technology, investors have had many concerns surrounding the security of their investment and how significant their exposure to hackers may be. Recently, Parity, a company that manages a network of digital wallets of Ethereum had a security issue that resulted in the destruction of more than 300 million dollars of ether. Continue reading Ethereum Security Concerns